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Life Dock Floating Dock System

We call it LifeDock for a reason: This is the last floating dock system you will ever need to build in a lifetime!

LifeDock Systems are custom engineered for every job to meet the particulars and specifics of each project. LifeDock is built one at a time using extruded HDPE pipe floats, the same material the US Navy uses for floating barriers around sensitive assets while in port. The fusion welded pipe becomes the skeletal structure of the floating dock itself, which allows us to build around existing pilings, perfect for post hurricane reconstruction or upgrading existing marina basins. Our design capabilities allow us to complete most projects without the need for heavy equipment, barges, or waterborne cranes.

We use Composite marine decking that contains ZERO wood fiber which comes in beautiful wood colors.

Using 316 stainless steel fasteners throughout, LifeDock is a floating dock that will not rot, rust, corrode, warp, or degrade, even in the harshest of environments.

Oh, did we mention our staggering 50-year warranty on all LifeDock Systems? Yeah, there’s that too. And it covers both commercial and residential applications.

LifeDock…Built for living. Built for life!