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Marinas. Camps. Fisheries. Hotels. Restaurants. Charity Events.  Whether you want to develop a small dock for a swimming area—or build a complex marina with boat lifts, water and shore power—EZ Dock’s innovative Environmentally Friendly modular floating dock systems offer exceptional durability, adaptability and scalability.


Housing Developments

EZ Dock docks make waterfront living great for the residents of your community. Not only is this a terrific investment that will last for years, and keep HOA dues minimal, but EZ Dock docks are also virtually maintenance-free. They will never need painting the way a traditional wooden dock will and will never rot or splinter.  

In fact, you can walk on EZ Dock docks and gangways and never have to worry about getting a splinter. If you never want to worry about falling through or compromising structural integrity, you’ll be pleased to know that EZ Docks have outstanding load capacity thanks to optimal-strength-designed floatation chambers.  Waterbridge-Myrtle Beach SC



Discerning marinas looking to expand are turning to EZ Dock when they need solutions. Our marina docks, walkways and vessel lift systems provide a complete solution for your business. Our commercial marina docks also make it easy to supply Electric and water utilities throughout. Our feature-rich solutions are perfect for both new boaters and long-time water enthusiasts. 

Carolina EZ Dock's concept to completion design and construction service helps you customize your marina to fit your needs, effectively and affordably.  We will visit with you and then customize your dream.  By using the full range of EZ Dock products, we can help you create value over your entire marine space. You may choose to start slow and as your marina grows, our docks grow with you, allowing you to add docks and features as your needs change.  Grand Dunes Marina- Myrtle Beach SC

Restaurant & Retail

If your restaurant is fortunate enough to be on the water, you’ll want to get the best return on your investment, and that means having the right restaurant docks in place to make use of every inch of the waterfront. Good restaurant dock systems let you attract boaters and let your diners take full advantage of the water, meaning you have an additional attraction to recommend to potential visitors.  If your need is temporary for a special event Call us.  We would be happy to help you with temporary dock space for boat mooring, a dance floor over water, or anything else you can dream up.

Over water restaurant

Hotels and Resorts

If your hotel is on the water, you can offer a lot more than rooms with a view. With the right hotel dock systems, you can give guests the convenience of a docking spot for their boats or access to water taxis and boat tours. You can also provide a great waterfront area for strolling and relaxing with walkways.  Thunderbolt Lake Myrtle Beach SC


EZ Dock offers a variety of docks for camps as well as lift systems and walkways. If you have a camp, EZ Dock is the best investment you can make for your property. Our dock systems for camps are made from polyethylene, which is highly durable. Even with varied weather and many campers, your docks will stay strong.

EZ Dock docks also have a slip-resistant surface molded right in. The polyethylene surface transfers less heat to bare skin in hot weather, so there’s less “ouch” when walking on the dock. Unlike wooden docks, there is no need to worry about splinters, rotten wood, protruding nails or peeling paint — in fact, these docks are virtually maintenance-free.  Be sure to visit some of our Camps or Parks projects.  I'm sure we have one near you.  Here are a few.  Crabtree Park- Morrisville NC, Thunderbolt Park-Myrtle Beach, SC, Lake Wilson- Wilson NC, Hammocks Beach State Park-Hubert NC, and dozens more.



Rowing & Sailing

Engineered to meet FISA and USA rowing standards, it’s a favorite among clubs and universities, giving individuals or crews of all sizes easy access to get you out on and out of the water effortlessly. The freeboard height is extremely low to the water and supremely stable, allowing sure-footed loading, launching and docking from the perfect position for rowing.  Lake Crabtree- Morrisville NC

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