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Dry Dock Submersible Boat Lifts

DryDock boat lifts take simplicity and durability to a whole new level.

  • Designed for heavy boats from 9,000 to 70,000-pound capacity.
  • No Moving Parts. Nothing needs grease or replacement.  The only lift on the market with NO METAL in the structure.
  • Impervious to saltwater. Spring Line Attachments. The float is the air tank.
    Will Protect any boat, anywhere.

Built one at a time using fusion welded extruded HDPE Pipe, your DryDock lift has no moving parts and no metal fasteners holding it together. This is no ordinary plastic we are talking about: the wall thickness of the primary tanks is in excess of an inch and a half thick! The material is the same pipe used by the US Navy in building floating barriers around sensitive assets while docked in port. DryDock is a boat lift that will literally outlive the vessel it is protecting.

Each DryDock lift is individually designed by our team of engineers and lifelong mariners who have a keen understanding of boats and marine environments. We configure DryDock lifts to the specifics of your vessel so you know the lift will fit your boat upon installation.

What’s more is that each lift offers adjustability and universality for other boats in the same weight class. Marinas that own drydock boat lifts appreciate being able to store a multitude of varying boats on the same lift.

DryDock Boat Lifts: The last lift you will ever need for your boat.