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EZ Accessibility with EZ Launch

Launching and docking your kayak or canoe has never been easier. Our kayak and canoe EZ Launch® System is perfect for small boat lovers of all experience levels, from the beginners who have never been in a boat, to even the most advanced kayakers! EZ Dock kayak launch and canoe launch is a safe and easy way to launch your vessel. Small boat enthusiasts will feel confident transferring into their watercraft independently and securely and launching with stability and ease, regardless of tide fluctuation or waves created by wind or boat traffic. 


EZ Launch is also the first ADA kayak launch in the industry, ensuring everyone will find boarding, launching and recovery a breeze.

Gone are the days of trying to steady your kayak or canoe while boarding or launching on moving waters or during shifting tides. EZ Dock EZ Launch makes it simple to board, launch and exit your small watercraft with the following features:

  • Guide rails: Sturdy guide rails on either side of the launch make for easy access in and out of the water.
  • Launch rollers: Launch rollers promote simple, smooth movement of your kayak or canoe.
  • A floating platform: The EZ Launch base is a floating platform that adjusts to changing water levels, keeping you and your vessel safe and secure.
  • Long-lasting construction: We construct every EZ Launch out of recycled rubber polyethylene so it will not splinter, puncture, rust or hold heat, creating a comfortable user experience. Our launches are also strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and require very minimal maintenance.

At EZ Dock, we understand the importance of creating accessible, easy-to-use docking launching solutions — that is why we are continually striving to break the mold and develop innovative products for water enthusiasts everywhere. A first in the industry, the EZ Launch® Accessible Transfer System for kayaks and canoes provides individuals with disabilities accessibility that exceeds the minimum requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With an easy-to-use transfer bench and transfer slide boards, users can simply sit, slide over and drop down into a kayak or canoe and use durable side rails to pull off or back on.

Our award-winning accessibility standards have enabled us to create the first ADA accessible kayak launches on the market. Every EZ Launch System has the following options available:

  • A transfer bench: Our transfer benches have two different height options, so users can move easily and comfortably from a wheelchair into their vessel. Built-in handrails allow users to remain steady throughout the process.
  • Transfer slide boards: Transfer slide boards with two heights for differing watercraft sizes will help users move from the transfer bench to the kayak or canoe.
  • A railing system: EZ Launch has a built-in railing system for maximum slide board stabilization and transfer support, allowing for easy side movement.

EZ Dock is here to work alongside you to create the best launch system layout for your needs and available space, including launch access points that meet and exceed ADA accessibility standards. We can configure EZ Launch Systems to suit a variety of configurations, including multi-unit launches. Our kayak and canoe launches are also easy to connect and integrate with existing or future EZ Dock products for ultimate efficiency.